Ghisallo cycling museum

Ghisallo was a bit of a surprise.  On a rainy day in Bellagio we went for a drive and found ourselves heading up a hill called Ghisallo  I vaguely recalled that this was the name of the top of the range Litespeed Ti frame (here is a link to a photo from the catalogue from 2006).  The cycling museum was built in ?2006? (my Italian is no good) and houses some incredible historical frames including a 1920 Bianchi and the 1948 Tour de France bike of Bartali (unrestored!).  The old frames are not that different (in principle) to today’s only more perilous to change gears as you needed to reach back and grab the lever, just near the spokes of the wooden rimmed rear wheel and shift the lever.  Insane stuff.  Sadly I worked out too late that the Church, the Madonna di Ghisallo is also well worth visit.