Sub 40 minute 10k (finally)

My best time on a 10k (before last weekend) was 40:20 at the Edinburgh 10k.  That was quite a hilly course and some 4 years ago.  I did no specific training for that race but used to run regularly so I thought with some training, I should be able to run sub 40′. I haven’t been running much recently but at the end of the summer rowing season, decided to try and run a ‘sub 40 minute 10k’.  A quick Google search popped up a 6 week training program by Roch Frey.  The race happened to be 6 weeks away so I thought I would give it a try.  The training passed, the race came and I managed 43 minutes and was a bit disappointed but was ill the next day.  I thought I might have been sick as my resting heart rate was elevated so I wondered if this affected the race.  So, I tried again the next weekend at a local race.  Success, and it was reasonably comfortable even feeling like I could have gone a bit harder in the first part.  Very exciting to have passed that milestone and to know what sort of training is required. Digitally stored below so I won’t forget.