How to start a 1973 MV Agusta 350s Electronica

I bought this bike on a bit of a whim at an auction where the proceeds went to a cancer hospital. I hadn’t done much (any) research. It is a fun bike but has taken quite a while to get on the road. It took several goes to get it through the DVLA because it had never been formally imported into the UK and so there all the standard forms about where you bought it and who paid the VAT didn’t work. It’s only done about 18k kilometers since it was manufactured. It was sold to me by Bonhams as a 1975 but that didn’t worry me they were two years off as I liked the look of it. The two weirdest things to me for this Italian delivered machine were: (1) the gearbox is upside down (1 is at the top) and on the right rather than left side; (2) the chokes are open when fully pressed in. These small issues meant I had a terrible time trying to learn how to ride it driving off in 5th gear with the choke fully on. Now I’ve worked all that out, it is a pile of fun. I also have a time remembering that it needs to be in neutral (and where neutral is, one down from the top) in order to start because I ride it about twice a year.

Fixing a cloudy or scratched AGV S4 Helmet Visor

I have two AGV S4 helmets which I bought because they have a great 5* crash rating, (which is safe) but after a few cleans with water, soft cloth and soap, I couldn’t see out the visor (which is not safe).  Then I found some other reports of this online and an acknowledgement (via MCN interview) that there was a problem with the anti-fog coating.  I bought a replacement from Bob Heath Visors, which I have now had for a year and it is fantastic.  Problem solved, no fogging and the visor is easy to clean.

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