Recovering an IOMEGA 2TB NAS drive

I experienced a complete failure of my 1 year old iomega external NAS drive and, after a quick web search, found this to be a common problem.  The issue manifested itself when I accessed the drive one day and it showed a completely empty drive structure as if it was the first time I had turned on the drive.  All the data that was present on the drive the day before but it was now no longer visible.  I contacted Iomega who were unhelpful and put me in touch with their recovery team who said they’d charge me around £400-£800 to recover the files depending on how long it took.  I will never buy another Iomega product again as this was a software failure from Iomega which it made no effort to rectify but should have.

I was not going to part with another cent to Iomega so I followed Tom’s Hardware forum and recovered all of the data using a tool called Universal File Explorer.  For my Iomega NAS drive (Iomega 34571 Home Media 2TB USB 2.0 Gigabit Network Drive), the files were stored as XFS so I bought the xfs recovery tool for €26.  To use this recovery software, the hard drive needs to be pulled out of its Iomega housing and connected to a PC using a SATA disk caddy.  I bought an Icy Dock from Amazon (Icy Dock MB981U3-1SA SATA Docking Station) for £44.