Le Verre Vole & Mary Celeste, Paris

Our friends at Apartments Actually recommended a great restaurant for us last weekend. We had a drink at the Mary Celeste, who sell pints of Brooklyn Lager and a twist on a the Margarita called El Curado. We tried Le Verre Vole, 67 rue de Lancry, 75010; by the Canal St Martin. Delicious selection of things to try and they don’t have a wine list as such but bring out a bottle or two to match whatever you’ve ordered.  We both couldn’t resist asparagus and bonito / tuna which was smothered in hollandaise sauce and a few other bits (fennel and raddichio) thrown in. Apparently bonito goes well with Crozes Hermitage so we had a bottle of 2013 C’est le printemps (R.J. Dard & F. Ribo from Mercurol (Drome)).


A few more recommendations to work through for next time. Les Enfants Rouge, The Fish Club, Beaucoup and for breakfast,  Rose Bakery